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Methods in that return types with arguments of type Link
 java.util.List<Link> Event.getLinks()
          List of event links
 java.util.List<Link> Demand.getLinks()
          Return the demand links
 java.util.List<Link> Performer.getLinks()
          Return a list of performer links
 java.util.List<Link> Venue.getLinks()
          List of web links
 java.util.List<Link> User.getLinks()
          List of links

Method parameters in with type arguments of type Link
 void Event.setLinks(java.util.List<Link> links)
          Set event links.
 void Demand.setLinks(java.util.List<Link> links)
          Set the links for a demand.
 void Performer.setLinks(java.util.List<Link> links)
          Set the performer links.
 void Venue.setLinks(java.util.List<Link> links)
          List of web links
 void User.setLinks(java.util.List<Link> links)
          Set the list of links

Uses of Link in com.evdb.javaapi.operations

Methods in com.evdb.javaapi.operations with parameters of type Link
 void VenueOperations.addLink(java.lang.String svid, Link link)
          Add a link to the venue
 void PerformerOperations.addLink(java.lang.String spid, Link link)
          Add a link to the performer
 void EventOperations.addLink(java.lang.String seid, Link link)
          Add a link to an event
 void DemandOperations.addLink(java.lang.String sdid, Link link)
          Add a link to the demand
protected  void BaseOperations.addLink(java.lang.String method, java.lang.String id, Link link)
          Add a link
 void VenueOperations.deleteLink(Link link)
          Remove a link from the venue
 void EventOperations.deleteLink(Link link)
          Remove a link from an event
 void DemandOperations.deleteLink(Link link)
          Remove a link from the demand
 void PerformerOperations.deleteLink(java.lang.String spid, Link link)
          Remove a link from the performer
protected  void BaseOperations.deleteLink(java.lang.String method, Link link)
          Remove a link

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