Warning - not all API Interface have been updated to handle Oauth yet.

All searches will work without Oauth but additions or modifications will require Oauth and may not be implemented yet in all the interface libraries. Please email develop@eventful.com if your favorite library has not been updated yet and we will look into it.

API Interface now available on github!

Eventful has created an account on github and now all interface libraries can be downloaded from github or you can still download from our links below.
Eventful on Github

Cold Fusion Api library provided by Brian Ghidinelli

API Interface Libraries

Eventful API interface libraries are available (or in active development) for a number of programming languages. Each library provides a simple mechanism for authenticating users, invoking API methods, and processing the results.


The WebService::Eventful module is available from CPAN. Depending on your Perl environment, installing may be as simple as typing:

perl -MCPAN -e 'install WebService::Eventful'


The Services_EVDB package can be installed via:

pear install http://api.eventful.com/libs/Services_EVDB.latest.tgz

PHP5: The Services_Eventful package can be installed via:

pear install http://api.eventful.com/libs/php/Services_Eventful.latest.tgz


eventful.py version 0.3. Untar and install with python setup.py install.


The Eventful::API 2.2.1 gem can be installed with gem install eventfulapi --remote. You can also download the gem directly or view library documentation.

Emacs Lisp

eventful.el contains Emacs Lisp bindings for the Eventful API.


The EVDB.API library provides secure, extensible JSON access to the API. Sample code can be found here javascript.html


The Eventful Java API provides a strongly typed, static implementation of the API. Full Javadocs and source code are available.

If you'd like to request an Eventful API interface library in your favorite language—or you've written one of your own—please post a message to the API Developers mailing list.