API Method /users/venues/list

This method lists the most recent venues added by this user. See http://eventful.com/events/new (the recent venues list) for an example interface.


This method controls access via authentication.
id string
The user ID. (defaults to the authenticated user)

Example Request

Here's an example URL:


Output Parameters

Output from this function is an XML block with the following constructs:
venues array
An array of venues. Each venue is a separate <venue> construct with the following structure:
id string
The unique ID for this venue.
name string
The venue name.
description string
The venue description.
address string
The venue street address.
city string
The venue city.
region string
The venue state/province/other region.
postal_code string
The venue country.
country string
The venue country.
latitude signed float
The venue latitude in degrees.
longitude signed float
The venue longitude in degrees.
geocode_type string
The method used to geocode the venue latitude and longitude.
created date
The date and time this venue was created.
owner string
The username of the owner of this venue. NOTE: It's possible that one or more venues in this list are not owned by the specified user. However, each venue will correspond to a venue originally added by the user.

Example XML Response

    <name>Hennessey's Tavern</name>
    <venue_type>Bar/Night Club</venue_type>
    <address>714 4th Avenue</address>
    <city>San Diego</city>
    <country>United States</country>
    <geocode_type>EVDB Geocoder</geocode_type>
    <created>2006-02-13 14:39:21</created>