API Method /performers/new

Creates a new performer. See http://eventful.com/performers/new for an example interface.


This method requires user authentication.
name string
The name of this performer.
short_bio string
A short biography of this performer.
long_bio string
A detailed biography of this performer. (optional)
tags string
A space-delimited list of tags. (optional)

Example Request

Here's an example request URL:

http://api.eventful.com/rest/performers/new?...&name=Wil+Wheaton &short_bio=Just+this+guy. &tags=author+hawesome

Output Parameters

Output from this function is an XML block with the following constructs:
status string
The performer ID of the newly created performer.
Performer added successfully.

Example XML Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<response status="ok">
<message>Performer added successfully.</message>

Error Codes

This method may return these errors in an error document:

Authentication error
The specified user was not found or provided invalid credentials.
Missing parameter
A required parameter was not provided.