API Method /performers/events/list

Lists all events for a performer.


This method controls access via authentication.
id string
The ID of the performer.
page_size int
The page_size (number of events) to be returned (defaults to 10).
page_number int
The page number of events to be returned (defaults to 1) .

Example Request

Here's an example request URL:


Output Parameters

Output from this function is an XML block with the following constructs:
page_count int
The number of pages of events that are available.
page_size int
The number of events per page.
page_number int
The page number of these results.
A list of events associated with the performer. Each event entry has the following structure:
id string
The event's id.
A link to the details of the event.
title string
The event's title.
start_time string
The event's start time.
stop_time string
The event's stop time.
city string
City the event is in.
region string
The region the event is in (for the US the state)
country string
The country the event is in.

Example XML Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <event_count>343 </event_count>
  <page_count>69 </page_count>
  <page_size>5 </page_size>
    <id>E0-001-020461027-9@2013052819 </id>
    <url>http://dev.eventful.com/sandiego_ca/events/lil-kim-house-yo-/E0-001-020461027-9@2013052819?utm_source=apis&utm_medium=apim&utm_campaign=apic </url>
    <title>Lil' Kim is in the House Yo!  </title>
    <start_time>2013-05-28 19:00:00 </start_time>
    <region>CA </region>

Error Codes

This method may return these errors in an error document:

Authentication error
The specified user was not found or provided invalid credentials.
Missing parameter
A required parameter was not provided.
Not found
There is no performer with the specified identifier.
Not authorized
The specified user does not have authorization to view the specified event.